Central Pacific Engineering

Professional Electrical Engineering Services



Central Pacific Engineering has over 20 years of proven experience including the following projects:



  • American Coolers, Salinas, CA

  • Calpine CIAC Tax Refund, Watsonville, CA

  • Calpine Remodel/Addition, Gilroy, CA

  • Capitola Transmitting Station, Capitola, CA

  • Coalinga Main Electrical, Fresno, CA

  • Coastal Cooling (Well-Pact), Watsonville, CA

  • Consilum - Service Change, San Jose, CA

  • Compressed Natural Gas Facility, Watsonville, CA

  • Compressed Natural Gas Facility, Santa Cruz, CA

  • Crossing Press Warehouse, Watsonville, CA

  • Dean Feeds Substations 1, 2, & 5, Watsonville, CA

  • Driscoll Strawberry, Watsonville, CA

  • Felton Quarry-Ground Faulting, Felton, CA

  • First Environmental Group, Richmond, CA

  • Hadco 1st & 2nd Floors, Watsonville, CA

  • Hadco - Anna St., Watsonville, CA

  • Hexel Corporation, Livermore, CA

  • Hexel Corporation - PLC Analysis, Livermore, CA

  • Hexel Corporation, Salt Lake City, UT

  • Kaiser Quarry, Scotts Valley, CA

  • KGM Cornut Foods, Salinas, CA

  • Lawrence Livermore Tank Upgrade, Livermore, CA

  • Lipton - Plan Check, Santa Cruz, CA

  • Modesto Pump Station, Santa Cruz, CA

  • Monterey Mushrooms Main Office, Watsonville, CA

  • Monterey Regional Pollution Control, Monterey, CA

  • Oswald & Swanson Sewage Pump, Costa Rica

  • Quail Mountain Herbs, Watsonville, CA

  • Parkway Pump Station, Santa Cruz, CA

  • Research and Development, Morgan Hill, CA

  • Raisch Quarry, Salinas, CA

  • Salad Time Modification, Salinas, CA

  • Salinas Disposal Facility, Salinas, CA

  • Santa Cruz Memorial Park, Santa Cruz, CA

  • Scotts Valley Quarry-Ground Faulting, Scotts Valley

  • Schillings Place, Salinas, CA

  • Schillings Place - Vacuum Tub, Salinas, CA

  • Schillings Place - 4 Card Tube, Salinas, CA

  • Spreckles T&A, Salinas, CA

  • Spreckles T&A Multiple Meters, Salinas, CA

  • Spreckles Battery Charger, Salinas, CA

  • Spreckles Cooler Addition, Salinas, CA

  • Tail Gaters, Salinas, CA

  • Truck Parking, Salinas, CA

  • U.S. Filter Utility Plan Coordination, Milpitas, CA

  • Waste Water Treatment, Scotts Valley, CA

  • Watsonville Berry Cooler, Watsonville, CA